Block Trailer Hinge Gaps with Kelley HINGE GUARD and Secure Superior Energy Efficiency

(Carrollton, TX) – Kelley is excited to announce the launch of HINGE GUARD™, the superior dock shelter system that prevents energy loss and closes off all hinge gaps without restricting trailer access.

Deciding between a dock seal and a dock shelter can be a difficult task and making the right choice can impact the energy efficiency, sustainability efforts and overall productivity of your business. While dock seals offer superior sealing capability, they also restrict trailer access, interfering with productivity levels. Conventional dock shelters offer full trailer access, however, when a trailer’s doors are opened for loading or unloading a series of gaps are created between the trailer hinges. These hinge gaps are substantial and allow weather to enter the facility and conditioned air to escape, reducing employee comfort and increasing energy costs.

To address these costly concerns, Kelley designed the HINGE GUARD. When a trailer backs into the dock HINGE GUARD is automatically activated by the backing trailer by grasping the sides of the trailer and covering the hinge gaps to create a consistent seal top to bottom. Not only does this dock shelter system offer a consistent seal, it offers full and unrestricted access to the trailer bed giving way to ultimate energy savings without any interference to loading. The HINGE GUARD option is available for FoamSide® Dock Shelters and is made from impact resistant High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE), and is available in two (2) profiles:  a large profile for refrigerated trailers and a smaller profile for standard trailers.

For more information on how Kelley’s HINGE GUARD can help block energy loss and improve operational efficiency at your facility, call 1-800-558-6960 or click to schedule a free consultation.