HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter

Conventional dock shelters offer full trailer access, but when a trailer’s doors are opened, a series of gaps appear between the trailer hinges, which allow the elements to enter the facility and conditioned air to escape, reducing employee comfort and increasing energy costs. The Kelley HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter System is specially designed to close off trailer hinge gaps while keeping trailer access unrestricted, securing superior energy efficiency for your loading dock.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Automatically activated by the backing trailer by grasping the sides of the trailer and covering the hinge gaps to create a consistent seal top to bottom
  • Closing off trailer hinge gaps provides greater protection against dust, debris and insects
  • Easily replaceable pieces mean virtually no maintenance required
  • HINGE GUARD is an available option on FSR1000, FF and TS series dock shelters

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